12. Okt. 2017


INVSN’s latest album, The Beautiful Stories, is affecting people in ways that the band hoped for, but could not have fully anticipated. The world that this collection of music is being released into has been shaken, but it is not yet fully shattered. It is wounded, but hopeful for recovery. It has been taken down a notch or two by grief, and strife, and discord, but as with many other grim points in history – new lows often lead to greater highs. The Beautiful Stories is the soundtrack to all of this, and it’s exactly what music lovers need right now as they attempt to make sense of an increasingly maddening world.

“The world is a really fucked up place right now so there is loads of stuff to make right,” Sara Almgren said via email when asked about the album’s themes. “Music has always been a way of fighting back for me.”

Christina Karlsson Lundström (AKA, Kicki) added “What I think and what the songs stand for is not that important, it’s what you hear as a listener and how you reflect on yourself that matters. No matter what the issue is about, the important thing is that you can receive a message and make something good out of it.”

Getting something transformative and emotionally repairing out of The Beautiful Stories is a sure thing. Each listen reveals layers of hopefulness that can be pulled from as needed. In times of crisis, music has always served as a healing balm and, as addressed in the second single, “I Dreamt Music,” this world may be devoid of meaning, but music will always mean something.

Schwarzes Zimmer