31. Mär. 2016



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LEPROUS progressive rock . NOR
+ VOYAGER pop . progressive . AUS
+ EARTHSIDE cinematic rock . USA

Schwarzes Zimmer


progressive rock . NOR

In a scene where it’s rare to stand out and make something truly unique, sometimes a diamond shines. The latest diamond to shine on the international prog-scene is the Norwegian band LEPROUS.

After paving the way with three studio albums: “Tall Poppy Syndrome” (2009), “Bilateral” (2011) and “Coal” (2013), LEPROUS’ latest musical endeavours on “The Congregation“ – the title of the new album – marvelously emphasize the amount of maturity the band has gained, also thanks to relentless touring activity across several continents in the lasty years. The attention that LEPROUS grip pinpoints the very unique spot in a variety of progressive music nowadays…

Their last album from May 2013 created a strong platform for LEPROUS, be it towards the press, the fans or live promoters, and showed an immense step upwards for the band on various levels. It virtaully seemed as if everyone woke up to smell the coffee when the “Coal” album was released. And as everyone knows, coal turns to diamonds in time…

Having steam-rolled all over Europe on a massive 7-week headlining tour in the fall of 2013 in support of ”Coal”, and also playing numerous European and US festival shows, LEPROUS paved the way for a die-hard fan base, that couldn’t wait for more, new material. LEPROUS kept the fans eagerly waiting, spending two years writing what is to be their 5th and absolute finest work to date, while continuing playing shows on tours in the USA, Canada and the UK throughout 2014 as well.

“The Congregation”, the newest album by LEPROUS on InsideOutMusic, is expressive, dark and catchy in a way that crawls under skin and overcomes all the senses, so that I most certainly has to be a magnificent dessert for open-minded progressive music lovers. Deep lyrics that shade serious matters of a modern life are masterly threaded into sharp, clear and tremendous musical arrangements. Developed and advanced in comparison to any of the band’s previous releases, “The Congregation” still keeps the authentic identity and recognizability. Moments when LEPROUS surprise, experiment and freely explore within their music are the ones that build their strength, fuel their power and make them so special. They band never had any tendencies of imitating other artists, and more importantly, their latest release shows the courageous act and art of not even copying themselves. “The Congregation” has given a fresh, innovative and new tone to the musical sphere of LEPROUS.

From the sharp and concise opening track “The Price”, through the omnipresent and über-exciting “Rewind” (a track that will surely be an audience favourite in a live situation) to the moody “Moon” and the strong but at the same time saddened “The Slave”, LEPROUS takes the listener through all corners in the room of emotion. These young Norwegians are an extremely diverse act, who cite influences ranging from Massive Attack, Radiohead, Arvo Pärt to even extreme contemporary acts like Gojira, as fine ingredients of their unique and versatile stylistic longdrink.

“This has without doubt been the most challenging album to write so far, if you count the amount of hours, blood, sweat and tears behind it”, stated LEPROUS vocalist, keyboardist and composer, Einar Solberg, and continued: “It makes me extra proud to have delivered what I consider to be the most daring, technical, fresh and mature album we’ve ever done. The music of ’The Congregation’ is mostly written by me on my computer, so that I this time around could use my ears instead of my knowledge as the main writing tool. If you use your knowledge and your usual methods to write every album, you will eventually find yourself stuck in a quagmire of old habits. Lyrically ’The Congregation’ covers the dangers and consequences of blindly following the flow, thus the album title will speak for itself.”

After more than a year of devoted and highly fine-tuning work on the album, while still at the same time touring and enthusing both new and old listeners around the globe, LEPROUS chose to do the recordings for “The Congregation” in the Fascination Street and Ghostward Studios in Sweden as well as in Mnemosyne Studio in Norway. Jens Bogren (Opeth, Devin Townsend, Katatonia, etc.), who already did sonic magic on the band’s both previous albums, managed to take things one step further as well in terms of mixing on “The Congregation” too.


pop . progressive . AUS

Australian pop sensibility with modern progressive heaviness – the cult force that is VOYAGER.
With 5 full-length albums under their belt and shows throughout North America, Europe and Asia with the likes of Opeth, Devin Townsend, Children Of Bodom, Soilwork, Nightwish, Epica and Orphaned Land, the five-piece from Perth is now firmly entrenched in its international repute as „the band who doesn’t sound like anyone else“. With a fiery red keytar, a feisty female guitarist and concerts described as „amazing chemistry blending pop with heavy, technical and progressive riffs“, Voyager are consistently a live force to be reckoned with. Deftones‘ Chino Moreno recently likened singer Danny Estrin’s vocals to Duran Duran’s Simon LeBon. In June 2014, Voyager released their fifth opus; the internationally critically acclaimed ‚V‘. Their new album received incredible reviews from media outlets such as Metal Hammer, Prog Magazine, Classic Rock Magazine and Revolver Magazine. In addition, ‚V‘ entered the top 20 on the CMJ US Loud Rock Charts and led Voyager to receiving a nomination for the ‚Breakthrough Artist‘ award at the 2014 Prog Magazine Music Awards and an invitation to appear at Bigsound 2014. Voyager has performed at major festivals such as ProgPower USA and Hammersonic Festival (Indonesia) and completed a headlining tour of the in October 2014, including an appearance at Euroblast Festival in Germany and the prestigious ProgPower Europe Festival in The Netherlands. 2015 sees Voyager driving home the success of ‘V’ with a headlining tour around Australia promoting their new video clip for the anthemic “Seasons of Age”, releasing limited edition vinyl pressing of ‘V’, supporting Swedish heroes OPETH in hometown Perth, North American Tour supporting EVERGREY and accepting their second invitation to ProgPower USA festival.


cinematic rock . USA

The reviews are in, and Earthside’s ‘A Dream In Static’ is one of the most acclaimed and buzzed about debut albums of 2015!

“Their ingenious and frequently jaw-dropping epic „A Dream in Static“ is one of the best prog metal albums in recent years … God be with them trying to follow this one up.”. – Blabbermouth.net 10/10

“It is one of the most intense, challenging and ambitious recordings I have heard in a very long time … Earthside are going to be huge.” – The Man of Much Metal 9.8/10

“Cinematic in scope, personal in its quiet moments, and simply beautiful and monolithic in tone, this is an album that will be remembered for a long time.” – The Prog Mind 9.5/10

“A breathtakingly impressive debut from Earthside. Quite possibly the most decadent and polished record you’ll hear all year. – OneMetal.com 4.5/5

“The arch stands complete and magnificent, a monument to the different voices, tones and efforts that were poured into this creation. It’s hard not to be moved by such a collaboration and move us it does.” Heavy Blog Is Heavy 4.5/5

“Consistently awesome … Earthside’s 2015 record is like that holiday you worked all year for; over way too soon.” ­­– The Sonic Sensory 4.4/5

“Throughout the record, the varied pace and diverse dexterity of the compositions is extraordinary, often dipping in and out of transitions, swerving through lush arrangements while also creating swirling dynamics.” – Brave Words 8.5/10

“Expect to be taken on a musical journey, and be prepared for the unexpected, and enter with an open mind, for the reward will be one of the biggest surprises of 2015.” – MetalReviews.com 85/100

“A Dream In Static is a hell of a debut, and shows that they have ambition, even if I think it’s a bit too ambitious.” – It Djents 4/5

“I am just left with two questions:  how is this a debut album? And where did this band come from? With some luck in this difficult business, I am sure that they can become one of the genre’s giants in the future. Mind = Blown.” – Metal Obsession

“The most ambitious of debuts” – Metal Hammer UK