31. Okt. 2017

Nerds & Nuggets Vol. 29: Witch Ritual (w/ Esben And The Witch)

The British band Esben and the Witch – they moved from Brighton to Berlin some years ago – are again our fabulous guests at Nerds & Nuggets to celebrate the 3nd „Witch Ritual“ – a Halloween Special. Together with host-DJ Jan Schwarzkamp they will spin mystic and magnificent tunes inbetween the twilight zone of drone and ambient, shoegaze and dreampop, occult rock and darkwave, gloomy psychedelia and shimmering post-punk. So put on your blackest clothes and don’t forget the pentagrams round your neck. And be forewarned to scatter some salt on your door sills before you leave! The witches‘ sabbath is going strong! Especially on All Hallow’s Eve!

Baumhaus Bar