04. Apr. 2017

Salmo + Lord Lhus

Salmo (aka Maurizio Pisciottu, b.1984) is a pionieristic sardinian rapper based in Milan, where he founded the Machete Crew, a collective that includes rappers, producers, graphic designers and videomakers.

From Olbia to Milan, from metal and punk-hardcore to rap, in few time SALMO conquered the italian hip-hop scene, introducing new features as electronic music and hardcore-punk.

From 2011 to 2016 Salmo released four studio albums: his last record ‚Hellvisback‘ (february 2016) placed at the first position on the Italian Hit Parade.

VVK: 16 euro
Wale Café – Hobrechtstrasse 24 Neukölln

AK: 20 euro



Blaues Zimmer

Lord Lhus

Lord Lhus is a Underground emcee know for his unique flow & energy packed live show.

Born and raised in Columbia, SC, USA is currently a nomad inside Europe.

Performed over 700 concerts and holds the crown for most international collaborations in the history of hip hop.

Most know for his affiliation with Bloodline and Snowgoons.

Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina

Years rapping: 18

Solo albums:

„Unreleased Classics“ (2010)

„Fuck You Lord Lhus“ (2011)

„Underground Stash“ (2012)

„Acid & Vicious“ (2013)

„The Devil Hates Pretty“ (2015)

Group Albums: 

Scykotikz – „Scykosis“ (2000)

Bloodline – „Empire of Blood“ (2005)

Snowgoons – „Black Snow“ (2008)

Bloodline – „Let the Blood Spill“ (2009)

Snowgoons, Savage Brothers & Lord Lhus – „A Fist in the Thought“ (2009)

Snowgoons, Savage Brothers & Lord Lhus – „Iron Fist“ (2010)

Lord Lhus & PSL – „Ïntërnätïönäl RhÿmZ KönnëcT“ (2014)

Artist worked with:

R.A. The Ruggedman, Outerspace, Sabac Red, Slaine, Sean P, Dirty Dike, Gavlyn, Snowgoons, Sean Strange, Ide, Jak Progresso, Milez Grimez, Al’tarba, Zverina, Psych Ward, Řezník, PSL Persoonlijk, Droogz Brigade and many more…