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Donnerstag, 21. November 2019

Beginn: 19:30 | Einlass: 19:00

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Co-Headliner Tour 2019


Dead City Ruins are 5 young men from Croydon, Melbourne, Australia, and they play Rock ‘n’ Roll like their lives depend on it.
If you can imagine Black Sabbath, Early 80’s Iron Maiden and Phil Lynott era Thin Lizzy, thrown in a blender alongside antipodean grit, sweat and a fountain of beers, you’re getting close to the in your face, high energy live show delivered at brain splitting decibels these guys produce.
DCR was formed in 2010, when Lead Singer Jake Wiffen arrived home from UK.
Disillusioned with the lack of commitment and work ethic many of his musical peers in the British Isles, but inspired by the vibrant Pan-European Rock and Metal scene, He set out on a mission to secure a lineup with the kind of musical DNA the Southern Hemisphere is known for.
Before the end of the year he had the commitment of four of the finest musical wingmen in the state of Victoria and that lineup drew first blood by launching headfirst into the studio to lay down ‘Midnight Killer’ Their debut released in early 2011.
Side stepping the notion of settling down and becoming another ‘local band’, Dead City Ruins began their global manifesto in earnest, booking just 4 x shows and 5 one way tickets to Europe before even releasing the album in Australia.
There began a catalogue of blind luck, drama and ultimately, victory as the band toured hand to mouth in the northern hemisphere for the better part of 2 years, Defiantly keeping a run down Ford Transit on life support whilst living in a combination of tents, makeshift roadside shelters and the floors of those who would fall for their many charms.
It was a perpetual cycle of touring that found them opening for acts such as Mastodon, Wolfmother and building up to their own headlining shows and festival slots.
Pulling up the handbrake mid 2013. They returned home to record their follow up self titled album.
No sooner had they finished they were once again thrust back into the maelstrom of international touring as the handpicked opening act for Skid Row & Ugly Kid Joe filling out the rest 2013 through to the first half of 2014.
The run concluded in Australia with a rapturous homecoming and kicked off subsequent headlining tours of Indonesia and UK/EU, leaving the band armed with a now rabid fan-base and a clear mission to record their third album– Never Say Die.
Produced by James Lewis (Arctic Monkeys, Sunset Sons), the record was promptly snapped up by German label AFM Records and was released to critical acclaim in April 2018.
After nearly a decade fronting the band, Wiffen announced his departure from Dead City Ruins following an extensive 2018 touring schedule of Europe and Australia. True to their Never Say Die mantra however, the band wasted no time in finding the man who would fill the giant shoes left behind; Steve Welsh.
Well regarded worldwide and in online circles for his vocal prowess, Welsh brings a fresh energy to the band already shown through capacity hometown shows and dates with New York City’s Living Colour. Dead City Ruins look forward to bringing their dynamic and powerful live show to European audiences in early 2019.



photo Dead City Ruins by Jay Hynes


Hard Rock from Australia, currently based in Berlin.
As one fan said:
„You’ll love this band, they’re like Motorhead doing mushrooms with Black Sabbath at a Butthole Surfers concert!“