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JARS // Vordemfall // Palm Squirrel

Donnerstag, 07. November 2019

Beginn: 20:00 | Einlass: 19:30

Blaues Zimmer

On the 1t of March this year JARS smashed the stage of Cassiopeia. Now, heading to Lisbon, they will shake Berlin once again, this time together with VORDEMFALL.

JARS (noise-rock/punk/Moscow)

„Jars are a devilishly brilliant combination between Shellac’s dislocated grooves, driving bass and skull scraping rhythm guitar and a slice of the darker end of metal — it’s such perfect idea you wonder why no-one has done it before. The three piece thrill with a powerful post punk utilising the Albini method of linear noise but with all that use of space. Huge sound scapes are built from the guitar/bass/drums.A creeping insurgent uneasiness in this dark terrain. This is a crashing claustrophobia and a very intelligent use of minimalism and space.“ – JohnRobb, Louder than War

„Jars steht unter Verdacht, die beste Band Russlands zu sein“ – Deborah Wißkirchen, Betreutes Proggen

„Dreckig, düster, laut und Noise auf einem anderen Level.“ – Kalle Stille, Ox-Fanzine


VORDEMFALL (noise-rock/doom/Berlin)

„Involving, quirky, and full of character, this is music that is angular and unusual, while also seething with emotional content and catchy memorability. Impressively idiosyncratic songs with a very distinc­tive and addictive flavour. And this is without even mentioning the band’s real ace in the hole; their vocalist. She has real vocal talent, and across these songs she puts her voice to great use.If you’re looking for an album to shock you out of the mundane and pull you into a world where the unexpected happens all the time, then this is for you. Very highly recommended.“ – Wonderbox Metal

„Voller Wucht und bedrohlicher Brutalität unterwegs. Hier wird die Ungerechtigkeit angeschrien, hier werden falsche Taten sofort aufgedeckt und verurteilt. “Gravity Problems” stellt sich mit seiner Sperrigkeit individueller Obrigkeiten entgegen und bietet mit “Smile” einen Ausbruch, den so manche Unterdrückung provoziert. Roh, minimalistisch, aber immer energisch und eigensinnig.“ – Artnoir


Palm Squirrel (noise-rock/Berlin)

Driving bass, two interweaving drummers and noisy guitar riffs, Palm Squirrel, a Berlin based Noise Rock outfit, uses repetition, aggression and samples from Jacob Rees-Mogg and Lee Carvallo’s putting challenge to create a hard hitting powerful sound.