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Lionlion & Into The Fray

Donnerstag, 10. Oktober 2019

Beginn: 21:00 | Einlass: 20:30

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Rise & Fall Tour 2019

Primaprima Booking schicken ihre zwei Indie-Zugpferde auf Co-Headline-Tour!

Du stehst auf Keanes, Muse und Mutemath?

Wir geben dir noch Bon Iver und Ry X-Feelings oben drauf!

LIONLION is a four-piece indie pop/rock band based in the south of Germany, centred around the identical twins Michael & Matthias Rückert. Their world of sound combines the drive of Mutemath with the catchy melodies of Keane and the grandeur of Muse.
Releasing their debut album The Atlas Idea in January 2018, the band got off to a great start in their home country, withvery positive reviews in online media & plenty of airplay + features on (indie) radio stations across Germany. 2019 has startedjust as well: “Another Go”, a band-music epic about the highs & lows in love and friendship, leads the way into another exciting year that will reach its high point with the release of LIONLION’s follow up. With their second album “Oceans Rise & Fall” (coming in fall 2019) they have found the sweet spot between poetry and objectivity, motion & rest, grand gestures and quiet nuances.
In April the band just released the first single ‘Oceans Rise’ – a song which is also the central theme of the new LP. In the year of the 100th anniversary of German “Bauhaus” architecture, LIONLION will be producing their videos in the reduced and minimalistic design vocabulary of the famous modernist architectural style, which serves as a visual guideline and an encouragement to keep a clear head and arrange ones mindset.
All this draws a clear contrast to the ups and downs in the history of the band – and the twins in particular – with the reflective and dreamymindset they so beautifully display in their music. At the same time, their songs always radiategreat confidence: the brothers are not just united by their differences in character, but even more so they have that harmonious similarity – making them a songwriting duo par excellence.
watch ‘Oceans Rise’ : bit.ly/lionlion-OceansRise
Debut album – THE ATLAS IDEA:
CD & VINYL –> https://lionlionmusic.com/shop/

Stream & Download –> http://phonofile.link/the-atlas-idea

Photo: Lee-Roy Bender

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Into the Fray are a 4-Piece Ambient Indie-Rock Band from Stuttgart. Initially brought to life by singer and songwriter Lukas Klotzbach, a voice reminiscent of modern folk-falsettos Bon Iver or Ry X, the band now consists of Drummer Bastian Kilper, Bass Player Marian Hepp and Guitarist Fabian Glück.
Into the Fray create sonic underworlds celebrating the beauty in the broken. Settling at the fine line between lethargy and life, this is where eruptive guitars riffs meet warm strumming patterns accompanied by carefully constructed and textured drum beats fading in and out, just as the tide is pulled back and forth by the moon. Every moment of aggression and uproar is followed by a hypnotic floating sensation before the next fray.
Moving away from each individual band-member’s roots, Into The Fray mix Post Rock instrumentals with Indie Folk’s soft and tender core. The stories are told in a grounded singer-songwriter type of way, but the emphasis always lies more on soundscape, emotion and expression rather than in the lyrics themselves. Lukas himself says that his writing style tends to be more illustrative reminiscent of Canada’s City & Colour.
Whoever thinks Into the Fray are just another Dream Pop Band is wrong. Blending Post-Rock with a afflicted front vocal is what makes Into the Fray believable to Post-Heads and accessible to Non-Postrockers as well.
It’s autumn, it’s winter. It’s night, but the light’s not out. It’s cold, but it’s warm. I’m in despair, but somehow hopeful. The new EP „alas“ shoots to make space for all emotions left behind in modern life. There’s not enough room for melancholia, sadness or grief. Or at least, not enough time to actually feel these things and if there is, they tend to be feelings dealt with alone. Into the fray want to get the listener out of their comfort zone and into that dark blue sensation in company at their concerts. Their intentions for you are to embrace this part of the color palette and instead of judging and wiping them away: acknowledging, wondering, and enjoying them.
Perhaps, like an old Coldplay record.
It’s not just escapism, it’s „embracism“.
The young singer sums it all up like this:
„Our music is all about not ignoring but choosing to fight, getting in there and accepting that, feeling it and letting it go.“ Into the Fray are letting go of their latest Work „alas“ on the 4th of October 2019.
Check out our new Single „Dying Waves“: