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Nerds & Nuggets: Sexy Sex Music (feat. Shake, The Snake)

Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2019

Beginn: 19:00

Baumhaus Bar
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You know it’s summer when the sweat’s a drippin‘. When the bodies are in fever, the skin is sticky. When your breath is like steam and girls and boys are trying to wear as less as possible to cope with the heat. It’s also the time of year when you’re horny as fuck, when you want to get it on, when you need sexual healing.

So good that Jacqueline Floßmann aka Shake, The Snake from Munich and yours truly Nerds & Nuggets host Jan Schwarzkamp is delivering the fitting soundtrack for all your dirty fantasies, all those nasty dreams that punish your sore libido. The both encourage you to let loose and let love (and sexiness!) rule in the wooden palace that is the Baumhaus Bar. Reactivate your dating-apps and tinder tenderly. Come on by and get off as you get all kinds of sounds but: always sexy.